Cacao Ceremony



Pure cacao medicine is a guide through the Heart Center. Experience a magical blend of pure wild harvested Ecuadorian cacao and spices, to awaken the bliss body and connect to our inner being, our beauty, our creative center.

Sourced from Ecuador, the wild harvested cacao used in ceremony is from 100 yr old trees in the highland mountains, fed by spring water and harvested by hand. This cacao is then processed by fermenting, washing, winnowing & stone grinding the cacao into a pure paste. It is tested for purity and is free from toxins that can occur in improperly processed cacao. This is the form that is used in ceremony, where the paste is dissolved back into its liquid state through heat and alchemized with spring water and a special blend of herbs and spices.

If you are interested in hosting cacao ceremony at your retreat, workshop, or local studio, contact me!

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Cacao Ceremony :: Participate


Heart Activation

Join us for Cacao ceremony in Topanga, CA

Julia Corbett & Greg Papania will guide us through the medicine, into the heart, and attune the mind, body and spirit. Here we connect with our inner beauty, our Love that expresses itself through a spectrum of emotional states. Let the medicine run through you, breathing into Being.

Location : Moonastar // Topanga, CA

Time : October 13th // 6pm - 8pm

What to bring : a cup or mug that holds at least 6oz, warm clothes, a blanket to keep you cozy, flowers or other objects for our altar, a journal.

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Cosmic Heart Activation

with Kat Mills, Julia Corbett & Greg Papania

Join us in community on a mountain ridge in the sacred land of Ojai for an evening of deep connection to your inner being, your heart, vast nature, and the cosmos. Share in the heart medicine of cacao ceremony, kirtan, communal dinner, and end the evening with a soundbath under the stars! Come for the evening, or stay and camp on the mountain top.

Julia guides us through the Heart with pure cacao medicine. Drink a blend of pure cacao and spices to awaken the bliss body and connect to our inner being. As we drink, be guided in meditation, sound and a sharing in this space of expansion into the heart.

Following, Kat leads kirtan, call and response chanting of mantras. In this Bhakti yoga practice, we explore chanting as a form of devotion and meditation, taking us deeper as the sacred sounds harmonize and amplify the effects of cacao.

Greg then creates a soundbath with crystal bowls, bells, chimes, nature sounds and analog synthesizers all tuned to 432 hz interwoven with binaural tones ~ a tapestry of music to harmonize your energy field and balance your chakras. Receive deep healing and rest, as we are bathed in sacred sounds and guided through the inner realms of the subtle body and outward into the great expanse.

There will be dinner. Please bring a small nourishing offering for our table ~ fruit, salad, sweet.

Option to camp overnight!


Location : Ojai, CA

Time : October 20th // 4:30pm - 10:30pm

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