Dessert Alchemy :: Recipe E-book

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Dessert Alchemy :: Recipe E-book

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Dessert Alchemy ~ Raw Sweets to Inspire ~ is a recipe ebook, created to share the most delicious and healthy desserts with you! 

There are 33 pages of recipes and full-color images to help you make amazing raw pie, layer bars, chocolates and cookies, and elixirs. Superfoods and herbs are a unique addition to these desserts, using lucuma, maca, cacao, ashwagandha, reishi and more to boost energy, nutrition and flavor! 

Includes ~
Thin Mint Cookies
Pomegranate & Caramel Layer Bars
Cranberry Apple Layer Bars
Satsuma Coconut Cream Pie with Pomegranate Glaze
Apple Pie & Goji Berry Jam
Superfood Chocolate Truffles
Lemon Thyme Fudge
Berry Hibiscus Fudge
Persimmon Pecan Cobbler
Apple Raisin Cobbler & Vanilla Frosting
Spiced Almond Ice Cream Float
Cinnamon Mocha Elixir 

Perfect recipes for sharing at celebrations, during the holidays, and with family. Hope you enjoy!!!

**Simply purchase the book and you will receive a pdf copy of the book that can be printed out or used on-screen. 

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